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October 3, 2011

Taking Action to help the Planet: Tell Us Your Story!

Now that you've had your WildED experience, we want to know how you will take action to help the planet! Do you plan to make a difference? Please share your stories, experiences, ideas and actions here...


Rafael said...

I enjoyed many things in my day of nature. One thing i enjoyed was just walking in the park. It was nice, calm and refreshing. Another thing i enjoyed was the game we played. Deer and wolf. We were all deer. and there was one wolf. We had to close our eyes and try and spot the wolf with just our ears. One last thing I enjoyed was the slide show Jay showed us about his canoeing trip.

Rafael Mary Jane Shannon Elementary

Tristen said...

The wolve and dear game.It was fun cause we used our 5 senses. And i heard things i used to ignore we were walking he told us to close our eyes and listen to nature.I learned that when birds chirp it's.A warning call.Bears like towels. And frogs are small I will not throw everything in the garbage can and i will recycle and turn off lights when im not using them

BY: tristen school: mary james shannon

Cassandra said...

I really enjoyed playing the game 'Deer & Wolf'. This game helped me learn how to 'zone out' the common sounds around me, and teach me how to pay more attention to what doesn't fit into the common noise. I also enjoyed the game we played indoors , putting the map together and finding specific places. This helped me learn about were I live. Last, I enjoyed the slideshow Jay presented which was created by Eliza and Himself. It showed me more of the wilderness around B.C.

When outside closing our eyes, listening to nature, I learned that everything in there makes a noise one time or another, you just have to listen carefully. Also when you are the wolf in the wild, you need to be careful when catching prey, because one noise can ruin the whole thing. Sometimes hunting in a pack is the best thing to do. Lastly, I learned that birds don't like wasting energy, so when running away from a predator, they only fly as high as they need to.

This experience will effect the way I listen, the way I tune out specific things. It has forced me to realize what noises are most attractive to me ears and how I can control my senses better. This experience it has helped me learn how to.... smell life. How to breath in the "organic world" around me and to digest it into knowledge. Finally, it has taught me that, not only my home is beautiful, but so is the 'wild' around it, so, I should, and will, explore it.

My name is cassandra and my school is MJS

Pardeep said...

My favorite part of the field trip was when we went to Hawthorne Park and played the predator and prey game. The prey was the deer and the predator was the wolf. Another thing i enjoyed about the field trip was when we were in the classroom and we had to guess what the animal sounds was. The last thing I liked was when we walked in Hawthorne Park and we had to listen to birds chirping. One of the interesting thing of the field trip was the predator- prey game. My connection was that in science class we learned what a predator was and what a prey was. Another thing that was interesting was when we played a sound games, and the sound was a coyote. My connection was that one time I heard a coyote sound but I didn't know what the animal was. I learned that 4% of people don't go outside.My connection is that my cousin doesn't like to go outside cause she is always watching t.v . The thing i would change in my life is that I will not litter garbage all over the place. Also instead of putting paper in the garbage. Instead of that i will recycle the paper. Another thing is I will help clean up garbage so the community will be neat and tidy, and i want the animals to live in a clean environment. Not filled with garbage.

Pardeep Mary Jane Shannon Elementary school

monet said...

My favorite part was when we played the wolf and deer game. What we had to do was hide,then close our eyes and just listen. If we heard a noise we had to point in the direction where the noise was coming from. If we didn't hear and they tag us then we are a wolf. The 2 fun part was when we were walking through the forest and looking at the the animals nature and listening to the sounds. The last fun part was when he showed us the Canadian geese egg he found on the ground but it was already hatched. The thing I learned was when he showed us the sound of the coyote noise because i didn't know they sounded like that. One time i heard a noise like that but i didn't know what kind of animal it was. The thing that was interesting was when we saw the video of when Jay and his friend went canoeing on different lakes for 10 days. They found out that their were different foot prints an and Jay saw an owl. The last interesting thing was when he showed us different sounds of animals and we payed games for points. The thing I wold change in my life is that I will not litter garbage all over the place and instead I would put it in the garbage. I will also recycle and not put recycle stuff in the garbage. The other thing I will do is o help pick-up garbage so that we will have a clean earth. I also want the animals to live in a clean habitat. I don want them to live in a dirty habitat. It was kinda fun.

Monet. Mary Jane Shannon School.

Allie said...

The thing I enjoyed most about Wild ED, was the deer and wolf game. Because it was fun being the deer and hiding with my friends Pardeep, Monet, and Nicole in the rocks. Even though we cheated when we had to close our eyes but it was still fun even as a wolf. Also when we heard noises and we had to guess the animal that made it. And there was a touch table so we could see and touch different things. But the rest was kinda boring
I learned some animal sounds that i did not know like a coyote, a chick-a-dee, etc. And I learned about some stuff about the earth. And that pine trees taste like oranges. Also did you know that out of the 24 hours in a day people only spend 4% outdoors OMG
I now when im older (adult) i can start an organization to help keep BC clean or to protect animals and volunteer for things like the SPCA etc. Also when im older i might drive and electronic car but probely not anyways i can pick up garbege off the ground and get other kids into the outdoors

Allie Mary Jane Shannon

Ralph said...

I enjoyed looking at different animals and plants because Im interested on a different plants and i love animals. the second thing I enjoyed is listening on different sounds like the wind and the different animals. and lastly i enjoyed playing games because it was fun.

the interesting things I learned is that when we took something in nature and animals need it they will take it because they need it in order to live. I also learned about the predator and prey but what I really want is to experience being a predator. and the last thing is I learned is that if we hurt an animal they will also do something bad.

i will respect the animals more because sometimes Im not respecting animals. I want to explore nature more because Im interested about it. and last i will recycle more just for fun......
-Marry Jane Shannon


My favorite part of the day was when we played deer & wolf . Also the slide show that Jay showed us. the slide show was very interesting it was about him and his friend. jay told us about his encounters with bears bats and even eagles !

Leo Ngo Mary Jane Shannon Elementary

Hanan said...

I liked the game we played outside in Hawthorne park, "deer and wolves". It was so hard to survive when several wolves all teamed up on you. but it was also hard to be a wolf, because you had to be extra quiet. The slideshow Jaw showed us was really cool. the double rainbow picture was my favorite because double rainbows are so rare, but so awesome! Another thing I liked was when Jay put all the bones and skins he collected on the table for us to see. My favorite was the owl foot. the claws look so jagged and they felt really weird on my hands.
I learned that during the day, average people spend 96% of their time indoors. it was so shocking to hear that! so I decided that since I don't want to be labelled as average, I will spend more of my time outdoors. I also learned how birds stay away and protect themselves from prey. they make a bird call and only fly as high as they need to. and lastly, I learned how thin the layer of atmosphere around the Earth is.
After this experience, I decided that I will spend more time outdoors! I will also recycle more paper because if I don't, more trees will be cut down and more bird habitats will be destroyed. and finally, I will go hiking because I realized how fun it is. I will use the tip Jay gave us (staying still) so I can examine small birds more closely without them flying away.

Jennifer said...

I really liked the wilded program. It was fun going to the park and playing the wolf and deer game. I liked watching the slideshow that our instructor showed us because it looked like it was really fun. It was really shocking when we found out that we only spend 4% of our time outside. It makes me want to go outside more often (especially now that the pool in my complex is about to open.) I had a lot of fun.

Lynn said...

I really like when Jay was teaching us about the outdoors and how people should actually go visit the outdoors instead of staying inside.He said about 200 years ago, the people would spend all their time outdoors. But since doors were created, the people would spend about 96 percent indoors and spend 4 percent outdoors. We also play that "Guess the sound game" I thought that was fun. After recess we went outside for a little stroll, when we reached the park we played a game called "Deer and Wolf" or it can be called "Wolf and Deer" anyway it fine (I think that what the game is called....)

When we played the game "Wolf and Deer" the remind of when Ms.Tracey, our teacher, thought us about the predator and prey relelationship. I also learned that people should go out more often, because people only spend their time outdoors only about 4 percent and the rest is 96 percent (indoors) I also learned there a lake called Lake Bowring, may some day I'll go there.

In my life I would try to make the earth a better place by trying to save power , recycle , reuse , reduce or even biking or walking instead os using a car. First I'll start off small then then go bigger.

Jennifer said...

I really liked the wilded program. It was fun going to the park and playing the wolf and deer game. I liked watching the slideshow that our instructor showed us because it looked like it was really fun. It was really shocking when we found out that we only spend 4% of our time outside. It makes me want to go outside more often (especially now that the pool in my complex is about to open.) I had a lot of fun.

Faith said...

The day was quite interesting. My favorite parts out of the whole thing was when we got to go outside,the touch table, and the deer- wolf game. When we went outside it was nice because the air was cold and moist. Another thing, was when we got to touch the things at the touch table, the bones, rocks, and other stuff.My favorite thing there was the bird feet and how they felt. However, out of the whole thing my favorite was the deer-wolf game Also, thank you for choosing me to be the wolf first. When i was the deer it was really scary because my eyes we closed and people kept coming at me in different angles. All in all,the day was super fun and I hope the next 7th graders can do it as well.
Some things that I never knew before was the birds move up and have warning calls when in danger. Also, that bears really love food and if they taste human food they'll keep coming back for more. Lastly,the double rainbow is true and that I should really go canoeing to see it. Therefore,that experience was really helpful.
This experience made me learn to do things wisely.We should do recycling and preserve water because our world really needs us to keep it going. To hang food up when you go camping because bears might eat the food , and soon the park rangers might have to shoot them. Never treat the land we fought for badly because animals are loosing their homes so we can have one. Hopefully, I will remember these things. Thanks Jay!
Faith from Mary Jane Shannon.

Netanya said...

1.I loved learning more about nature, indoors and outdoors, in both very fun ways. Being able to learn more about how ecosystems work was very interesting. I never considered all the sounds that I heard walking to school through the forrest before, no every time I hear a bird chirp I always ponder what it's saying. Pretending to be a prey was scary though being a predator was fun.

2.I learned new things such as how plants taste, what birds do when in danger, and how much bears love food. The things I learned in WildED were very different from what I learned in the past, yet there were a few things that linked all the pieces together.

3. Now I look at nature more differently, I now consider more about how animals feel when their homes get destroyed. I will start to clean up our environment so the ecosystem could thrive in full health. Our ecosystem is more fragile then it looks, so I'll have to be careful as to not trample on a animal's territory. Noy only must I protect my ecosystem but other ecosystems aswell.

By Netanya from Mary Jane Shannon

Brmbel said...

It was so enjoyable i wish we could keep going on nature walks. I enjoyed learning animal names like the eastern gray squirrel. i learned some thing new to like black squirrels are 12% warmer then gray squirrels in winter. i played games like the deer and wolf game. I connected to that from the predator and prey relationship section of science. Also the map challenge was joy full. It was fun learning how to respect nature. I will try harder not to pollute. I'm going to go outside way more often

JEREMY said...

I liked the game we played. The game was deer and wolves. The deer had to hide and close there eyes . The wolves had to sneak up on the deer and tag them without being pointed at . When the deer where tagged they became a wolf.
I liked the plant that tasted like mint.
I learned that when birds chirp and fly up it's an alarm.
I will recycle more

stas said...

I mostly enjoyed the nature walk. I also enjoyed the wolf and deer game. The game did have some problems but it was still fun. The third thing i enjoyed was the lower main land map game.

One thing I learned is that people mostly spend their day 96% indoors and 4% out doors. When I heard this I was shocked. Another interesting thing I learned is that if you stand in one spot in the forest for a while animals may come to you.

One thing I may do in the future is to explore B.C.

Stas Mary Jane Shannon Elementary

Wilson said...

What was really interesting was that I never really noticed the diversity in our local park, that when you close your eyes and use all your senses you feel as though you are part of the forest, and when you open your eyes, you feel as though you were just born. All I could say that the day was so refreshing and I felt great after the trip. The absolute best part of the day was "Wolf and Deer." That game makes you experience both the prey and predator.
Overall the day was very relaxing.

Wilson Mary Jane Shannon

Wilson Mary Jane Shannon

Aaron said...

I enjoyed multiple things but i enjoyed playing deer and wolf in the park. we had to use all of our senses except the sense of sight. We had to listen when the wolf was coming and point to where they were to get to leave. We learned why birds fly high or low depending on what other birds are telling. They fly higher than the predator to avoid them and then fly closer to the ground when it is safe. Looking at the canoeing trip pictures with the cow moose and double rainbow.
Aaron Mary Jane Shannon

danielleconrad said...

My Grade 6 class said...
* they loved being outdoors!
* they enjoyed seeing their surroundings in a new way
* they had a new interest in Science!
* the Tree Identification game was fun
* Nick really knew his stuff
* they wished you could come back!
* your bike trip was really impressive
* they really enjoyed seeing the bird's nest they hadn't noticed before
* feeling and smelling their surroundings, rather than seeing, was a new experience for them
* the program was a thumbs up!

M. Haikonen said...

After our Wild Ed in-school program, here are some of my students' responses:

“I really liked the wild ed program because I learned a lot of new information about the wilderness and nature. One of my favourite activities was when we played the interview game. It was awesome, and the song that we sang was so catchy. I bet lots of people would like to play it. I also really enjoyed the nature walk because we saw animals and plants that I had never seen before, like the spittle bug... it spits when it is scared. But my favourite game was the interview one because we were all having so much fun. I would want to do WILD ED next year.” (Priya, grade 6)

“Thank you for coming to our school and playing really fun games with us. My favourite game in particular was Forest Fire. I also really liked when we played the game called Wolf & Dear, and we had to use our hearing abilities to hear out the wolf. The part when we did the slide show was really awesome, and it was nice of you to share your holiday with us... so thanks Jay! The best thing I learned was that you're amazing for being so nice and taking us on the best adventure ever.” (Manni, grade 5)

“There's two things I liked about this wilderness education program. One is when we played the deer and wolf game. I thought I had a lot of fun playing this game because it's sort of like hide and seek... and I used to like playing that game. The second part I liked about this program was when we were solving the puzzle for the lower mainland. I liked that because I like geography.” (Shadib, grade 6)

“I loved the game that Jay taught us, but the best game he taught us was forest fire! It was so fun when we got to choose the animal we wanted, and tried to get away from the fire. Also, the nature walk was great, when Jay showed us the aspirin tree and cool flowers from our own Langara Golf Course. It was fun to see Jay teach us... it was like a kid talking to a kid when he talked to us. Nick showed us the rap that he did (sorry, i forgot what it was called... it was the “something” rap). Wild Ed was the best indoor field trip of my life! Thank you Wild Ed!” (Shane, grade 6)

“ During Wild Ed, our educator showed us a slide show of one of his adventures. It was an exciting way to see the places he had been to and things he had seen. It was fun. One of the things we were interested in about Wild Ed was the 'Touch Table' which had lots of cool artifacts. Everyone took turns looking at and touching bones, nests, claws and many more. It was interesting, cool, and exciting to see.” (Fiona, grade 6)

Anonymous said...

I highly recommend the WildedED tour for its great educational games,fantastic forest hikes, and its amazing way of teaching kids about global warming without it being just boring old facts.

St. Edmund's student said...

I think the Wild Ed experience was a fun way to learn about protecting the earth and our environment. the walk in Mosquito Creek Park was a good way to show us what they were talking about. Our tour guide Nick, told us about BC's protected areas. I also learned about different animals I didn't know about, such as a Marmot.

Anonymous said...

what i liked most about my day in nature was being educated abuot where we were and what we were doing. Jay was so nice, and he really made excersicing fun. I learned alot about nature and i feel alot more connected to it. It was hard to belive we live so close to that wonderful place. ireally enjoyed the wilded. field trip.

-eryn hastings elementary